Law School Rejection: What To Do Next

Rejection, while uncomfortable, is to be expected when it comes to law school decisions.

And with this year being one of the most competitive admissions cycles in years, rejection letters are to be expected.

Business Insider recently spoke to experts who offered tips on what applicants should do if they do get handed a rejection letter.


Getting a rejection letter may make you feel like law isn’t for you. However, experts say, it can be helpful to remember why you wanted to apply for law school in the first place.

“Remind yourself about why you are drawn to this field — your passions and aspirations, as well as life experiences or qualities you possess that you feel make it a good match,” Dr. Rebecca Mannis, an NYC-based learning specialist, tells Business Insider. “Give yourself positive reminders of the goals you have and the reasons why, and that will help you stay the course.”


Gabriel Kuris, founder of Top Law Coach and contributor at US News, recommends applicants to consider reapplying with an updated application.

“At the very least, submit an updated resume, essays and perhaps even recommendation letters,” Kuris writes. “It is likely worth writing a new personal statement from scratch on a different topic, but even a newly written essay on a similar topic would be better than making no changes.”

Retaking the LSAT, experts say, can help increase your chances of admission if you do consider reapplying.

“You’ll need to incorporate untimed practice (to master distinct skills), 35-minute section practice (to work on clock management and efficiency), and full-length test practice (to build stamina),” according to Business Insider.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that getting a rejection letter is a normal part of the admissions process.

“Ultimately, receiving a few rejections is a sign that you chose the right target schools,” Kuris writes. “After all, if you are accepted by every law school you apply to, you may ultimately wonder whether you aimed high enough. You need only one acceptance letter to go to law school, so don’t despair until the process plays out.”

Sources: Business Insider, US News

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