The Highest-Paid Law School Graduates

The Highest-Paid Law School Graduates

If you want to make the highest salary post law school, you may want to attend Cornell Law School.

The law school has the highest annual earners nationwide by more than $40,000, according to a new study conducted by Florida personal injury lawyers Anidjar & Levine. The nationwide study analyzed data from American Bar Association (ABA) accredited schools looking at the earnings of their graduates. The average earnings of graduates with bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees from the schools were determined both two and four years after completing their courses.

“With an education in law constituting a very common stepping stone on the path to influence and wealth, it’s interesting to see the institutions whose graduates are earning the most post-graduation,” a spokesperson from Anidjar & Levine says. “This top ten is undoubtedly a list worth noting for those aspiring to work in law, politics, and the vast array of careers that a law degree can lead to.”


Cornell Law grads earn an average annual wage of $249,283, four years after graduation—282% above the average for the top earning 150 schools. Two years after graduation, Cornell alumni make an average of $172,867. That makes Cornell grads the highest earners nationwide across both two- and four-years post-completion. Notable Cornell Law alumni include members of the US Congress, Secretaries of State, and the former president of the International Criminal Court.

Yale Law School had the second highest annual earners with grads earning an average annual salary of $204,668 four years post-graduation—213% over the average for the top earning 150 law schools. Two years post-grad, Yale grads earn an average of $132,032, the fourth-highest nationwide.

Duke University School of Law came in third with grads earning an average salary of $202,254 four years post-graduation—the last school on the list with an average salary topping $200,000. Two years post-grad, Duke Law alumni earn an average salary of $168,098, the second highest salary nationwide after two years.

Loyola University in Chicago earned the final spot on the list at number 10. Still, the law school’s alumni see impressive salaries with grads earning $110,658 on average annually four years after graduation, and $97,071, two years after graduation.

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