12 Things No One Tells You About Law School

students12 Things No One Tells You About Law School
Ever wonder what happens behind the old scary walls that surround many law schools? The Kaplan blog had a post this week interviewing two current lawyers and recent law school grads to get some helpful advice of things many 1Ls do not know about or realize before beginning their excursion through law school.
First, law school is time-consuming. Very time-consuming. A 30-page reading assignment doesn’t read like an undergraduate reading assignment. Case law readings do not have pictures. Alas, writing takes longer as well. Red ink can cover a paper that would have been top-notch in undergrad. Even being able to think with a legal mindset can take time to develop. And without that legal-oriented mind, it can take longer to process class notes and readings.
Next, law school is not an episode of Law and Order. I think most future law students realize that, but much of the experience is not glamorous and can be quite boring. One of the lawyers interviewed says, “The majority is mundane.” It also turns out that law school classrooms are not filled with the most attractive people in the world screaming, “Objection!” at each other.
While the competition in law school is intense and can be cutthroat at times, friendships will be made. There is something about going through a life-changing and difficult process that can bond people together in unique and special ways. Law school is a great place to see that happen.
Perhaps the best tidbit of advice was not included in the actual “12 things” section. It was that student debt goes beyond a number. There is an actual real-life burden of having six figures of debt. It can mean being married and having children and still paying more than $1,000 a month. To help minimize debt, the lawyers said to apply for as many scholarships as possible, work somewhere, and never take out loans for living expenses.
Source: Kaplan Blog

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