U.S. News’ Rankings: Winners & Losers

The Big Winners: U.S. News’ Best Law Schools of 2015

2014SchoolIndex20132012201120102014 vs. 20135 Year Trend5 Year Average
68University of Kansas438689796718-177.8
61University of Miami457669776015-168.6
72University of Tulsa428699101101142991.8
51Penn State University4864766072132164.6
64University of Missouri-Columbia44767910193122982.6
87Indiana University-Indianapolis389889798611-187.8
58University of Oklahoma4668827172101470.2
81Rutgers University-Camden409199848010-187.0
81University of Pittsburgh409169716710-1475.8
24College of William & Mary63333527289429.4
68Loyola (Chicago)437667717881072.0
83West Virginia University3991101959381092.6
36Brigham Young University56443942428640.6
72Lewis & Clark University42805867648-868.2
54University of Nebraska476189849373976.2
61University of Arkansas456889848672577.6
54Pepperdine University47614954527-254.0
40University of Illinois55473523217-1933.2
42Southern Methodist University55485150486647.8
93University of South Carolina37981011011015898.8
31Wake Forest University57364439385737.6
31Ohio State University57363935345335.0
93Villanova University379810184675-2688.6

Source: U.S. News & World Report 2015 ranking of the best law schools
Note: U.S. News releases its 2015 ranking in March of 2014

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