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University of Kansas School of Law

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TippingTheScales (2013): NR
U.S. News (2013): 86
AboveTheLaw (2013): NR



Academics & Programs: The “extremely affordable” University of Kansas School of Law “produces good attorneys and loyal alumni.” “If you like the Midwest, you can’t get better than KU,” declares a 1L. “If you don’t like the Midwest but ended up here anyway, you really can’t get any better than KU.” There are “a lot of different kinds of clinical opportunities available” for students looking to gain practical experience. Certificate programs at KU include elder law, environmental law, media law, tax law, tribal law, advocacy law, and business and commercial law. There is also a program in international trade and finance. Another nifty feature here is a Summer Start program, which allows first-year students to enroll in 1L courses during the summer before the traditional first semester begins. It was “a big help in getting plugged in to the social aspect of law school,” reports a student. Career Services “does an excellent job of bringing potential employers from all over the country for on-campus interviews.” However, students do note that the legal research and writing program could use some “improvement.”

KU’s “sharp” and “funny” professors are “highly qualified, both academically and professionally.” “The faculty seems genuinely interested in seeing the students happy and successful at the end of the day,” explains a student. “We have a good balance between the more ‘scholarly’ professors—the ones who do lots of research and writing and are known in their field for these activities but maybe only practiced a few years— and professors who have lots of real-world experience,” says a 2L. The Socratic Method, though “scary at first,” “really helps students to learn.” Outside of class, KU professors are notoriously “approachable” and “friendly.” “I feel comfortable walking into any professor’s office, whether I’m currently taking a class from them or not,” claims a 3L.

Many students tell us that KU’s “very student-oriented” administration maintains “an open-door policy” and is “available to help students in a variety of ways.” “You can tell the administration is truly concerned about student satisfaction and preparation,” gushes a 1L. Other students see room for improvement, citing the “outdated” law building.

KU Law is located on “one of the prettiest campuses in the country.” Though “there have recently been renovations” to the law building, students complain that the facilities are “far too small” and could use “an interior designer.” That said, the “state-of-the-art classrooms” are “laptop friendly,” and Internet access is “anywhere and everywhere.” However, the library “needs more printers and computers.” “The long and ridiculous lines at the restrooms are a serious consideration” as well. On the bright side, common areas are “aesthetically pleasing” and offer “a comfortable place to spend the time between classes.”

Campus Life/Facilities: KU is “generally a young school, so if you are coming just out of undergrad you will be pretty happy,” says one student. The “dynamic student body” also includes students “who have worked for a few years” and “those who have lived and worked throughout their lives and are now returning in their forties and fifties.” Students here come primarily from Kansas and its neighboring states and exhibit plenty of “Midwestern charm.” Though students would like to see KU “encouraging diversity,” members of ethnic minorities feel quite at home. “Everyone knows me and treats me with respect,” says one minority student. Politics are “rarely discussed in classes,” though that isn’t to say that people don’t “have opinions and vote.” Ultimately, “There are just as many conservative students as there are liberal.” “I wouldn’t say that students are obnoxious in their liberality, it is just part of the package at a university like KU,” explains a 2L. Students report that “there is some competition,” but this is mostly a “cooperative and friendly” group. By and large, KU Law has a “very collegial” and “laid-back” atmosphere. “Students tend to get along pretty well” and, “as a whole, do not tolerate rudeness.” “There are some cliques,” says one student, but, by and large, “camaraderie and good will” are the rule. “We regularly trade outlines, discuss cases, and help each other out,” says a happy 1L.

“The social life is pretty great at KU,” and “Most students find a good balance between school and personal life.” Student-organized activities are popular. “If you attend student organization meetings, you can enjoy several free pizza lunches each week and learn more about different areas of law,” explains a student. “The student body has numerous pub crawls and other events” as well. The surrounding college town of Lawrence provides for off-campus fun, and when students want to escape to the big city, Kansas City is only a short drive away.

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