Questions to Ask in Your Law School Interview

Questions to Ask in Your Law School Interview

Nearly every law school interview will end with time for applicants to ask questions of their own. Coming to the interview prepared with questions helps convey your commitment and interest in the law school.

Gabriel Kuris, founder of Top Law Coach  and contributor at US News, highlighted a few types of questions that applicants can ask in interviews and offered tips on how to prepare.


Prior to your interview, familiarize yourself with how a law school presents itself on its website and what types of programs and activities it offers. During the interview, you can ask questions about the law school’s offerings, such as specializations, clinics, programs, and campus activities.

“Not only do such questions provide helpful information and give the interviewer a chance to brag about the law school’s selling points, but they show genuine interest,” Kuris says.


The interview is a prime opportunity to showcase your commitment to the law school. Kuris recommends asking questions that convey your intent to attend.

“Without needing to work out all the details in advance, you might like to ask questions like: What student housing arrangements are available and what are they like? How would you describe the campus culture or environment? What resources are available to help first-year students succeed?”


One fun question to ask: what is your favorite part about working at this school?

This question can demonstrate that you’re interested in attending the law school and give you personal insight into what you may like or dislike about the school.

“Admissions officers probably don’t get asked questions like this often, which might also help you stand out during the interview,” David Merson Former, Head of Pre-Law Office at Northeastern University and Admissions Officer at Brown University, says.

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