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This year, Harvard Law School admitted its most academically accomplished, diverse J.D. class in school history. 

56% of the members of the J.D. class of 2024 identify as people of color and 54% identify as women. The average undergraduate GPAs and LSAT scores for the class were 3.92 and 174, respectively. Harvard Law’s class of 2024 represents students from nearly every U.S. state including Guam, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico, and across eight international locations.

“Our entering students represent an incredible diversity of backgrounds and life experiences, adding to the richness and depth of our campus community,” Kristi Jobson, assistant dean for admissions at Harvard Law School, says. 


For many students, 2020 was spent in lockdown with campuses closed and classrooms online. As Harvard Law School returns to campus for Fall 2021, many students are ecstatic. 

“I’m excited to get to know the people around me, and meet people who are coming at this from a completely different angle, as well as those with whom I have things in common,” Thomas Nielsen, class of 2024, says. “We’re all excited to be back in person.”

“For the year ahead, I’m excited about the fact that I’m around people after having been locked away for the past year and a half due to the pandemic,” Katelyn Turner, class of 2024, says. “It’s been an amazing experience to come here and engage with people face to face. Everyone has been lovely and supportive.”


A number of students from the class of 2024 say that they chose Harvard Law because of its strong community of public interest lawyers. 

“I applied to law school because I’m interested in becoming a public interest attorney, and Harvard Law is known for its very large public interest community,” Turner says. “My research interests are at the intersection of gender, race, and health.”

For Masooma Haider, class of 2024, fighting for marginalized communities led her to Harvard Law. 

“I’m here for plenty of different reasons,” Haider says. “But part of it is to represent my community – the Muslim American community – and fight for the rights of immigrants and refugees like me. That’s what put me on this path.”

Meet the rest of Harvard Law’s Class of 2024 here.

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