Law School Applications Dip for First Time in Three Years

Law School Applications Dip for First Time in Three Years

The highly competitive law school market may finally be slowing down.

Recent data from the Law School Admission Council shows that, as of November 28th, 22,662 people had applied to start law school in fall 2022—a 5% smaller number than this time last year, Reuters reports.

The small dip follows a highly competitive application cycle from fall 2021, when median LSAT scores soared at some law schools to historic numbers. While the number of applicants has finally shown a decline, this year’s number is still 26% higher than two years ago.


Some experts say the current dip may be attributed to November’s LSAT coming more than a week later than it did in 2020—something Mike Spivey, founder of Spivey Consulting, expects will boost the size of the applicant pool once November test takers submit their applications. Top LSAT scores of 175 to 180 for 2022 applicants have shown a 20.9% decrease from last year, according to the ABA Journal.

Susan Krinsky, LSAC’s executive vice president for operations, says one reason for the decline may be an improved economy and job market, which have prompted more to delay applying to law school or change courses.

Still, despite the small dip, experts say getting into law school likely won’t be any easier next year.

“It’s still going to be a seller’s market,” Spivey tells Reuters.

Sources: Reuters, ABA Journal

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