Law School Applications Dip for First Time in Three Years


Need To Update Your Law Application After Sending? Read This

The 2020-2021 application cycle has been one of the most competitive admissions cycles in history. The influx of applications may mean longer wait times for decisions. If you’re anxious about your decision and want to update law schools after already applying, experts say, it’s best, for the most part, to hold off and wait until after you get a decision.

Gabriel, founder of Top Law Coach and contributor at US News, recently discussed reasons that may require you to update law schools and how you should approach reaching out.


There are a few reasons why you should update a law school to revise your application. The top ones include major life events, such as job changes or name changes, and key mistakes in your application. The emphasis should be on the “key.”

“Law is a detail-oriented profession, so oversights should be avoided at all costs, but most typos are not worth raising a fuss,” Kuris writes. “However, errors that might call your judgment into question, like neglecting to disclose an eligible incident on the character and fitness section of the application, are worth addressing.”


Law schools may differ on how applicants can go about updating their application. Kuris says most law schools typically handle updates through the LSAC Credential Assembly Service. If a law school doesn’t offer this, you can try reaching out via email.

“Show respect for the reader’s time by writing directly and courteously,” Kuris writes. “Law school is a professional school, and any communications that cast doubt on your professionalism may torpedo your chance of admission.”

Additionally, it’s important to limit your frequency of reaching out.

“Try not to email the admissions office more than every month or two,” Kuris writes. “Group updates together for easier review. You want to create the impression that you are organized and staying busy.”

For most law schools, you can check the LSAC Credential Assembly Service for any status updates. And while it may seem like you’re waiting forever on a decision, it’s important to stay patient.

“If your application has been transmitted, it will be reviewed,” Kuris writes. “Remember that law schools are still overwhelmed by a surge in applications due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and decisions may not come as promptly as in the past.”

Sources: US News, Bloomberg