Illegal Immigrant Gets Law License

Waitress Scores $5000 Tip For Law School

JesusWell, this gives new meaning to “tipping the scales.”
He calls himself “Tips For Jesus.” And you’re never quite sure where he’ll strike. In New York City, he gave a $1000 tip for a $100 meal. In Phoenix, a bartender earned a $2500 gratuity on a $500 drink order. It’s always the same: He charges his American Express Black Card, leaving his mark — @tipsforjesus – on the receipt before snapping a photo and posting it on his Instagram account. He is, as his tagline suggests, “Doing the Lord’s work, one tip at a time.”
He is the Robin Hood of the help staff, the patron saint of servers. His Instagram account boasts 54,000 followers, many hoping for a visit from this mysterious stranger. Some believe he’s a former waiter hell-bent on righting the wrongs he once endured. Others wonder if he has more cash than time. His patrons may have seen his face, but none dare speak his name.
Recently, this man of the people struck again at Acabar in West Hollywood. There, a cocktail waitress named Leigh Dollard served a group of well-dressed young men. After ordering beers and desserts for themselves (and sending bottles of wine and champagne to nearby guests), this group left $5000 for Dollard. Yes, the tipping bandit had struck again!
So what does Dollard intend to do with the money? First, she followed her anonymous patron’s example, splitting her tip with the two other waitresses on staff, along with the bartenders, runners, and bussers. Still, Dollard went home with an unexpected $1100 (before taxes), which she’ll use to pay for law school applications. If Dollard is this good serving her customers, you can only imagine what she could do for clients as a lawyer. Let’s hope UCLA, USC, Pepperdine, Loyola, and Southwestern come knocking on her door.
As for our shadowy sponsor, many believe he is Jack Selby, who made his fortune with PayPal. Regardless, we appreciate his willingness to follow the dictum “What would Jesus do” when it comes to paying the help. One thing is for certain: Jesus would tip much higher than 15%.
Source: LAist, NBC News