1L Students: How to Best Use Your Summer to Prep for Law School

1L Students: How to Best Use Your Summer to Prep for Law School

The first year of law school is considered to be the most difficult year for many students. But a little bit of prep can go a long way.

Gabriel Kuris, founder of Top Law Coach and contributor at US News, recently offered a few tips for how incoming first years can best utilize their summer months to prepare for law school in the fall.


It can be helpful to connect with current law students or recent alumni to ask questions and better understand what you can expect.

“If you don’t know any, try to identify current students through campus activities that interest you, or ask your admissions office to put you in touch with someone who shares your interests,” Kuris says. “They may prove helpful and encouraging if approached with respect, courtesy and focused questions.”


Law school requires countless hours of diligent studying. But with a strategic plan in place, your time can be well-managed. Kuris recommends incoming law students to make a plan that aligns with your personal study habits.

“Reflect on what conditions have brought out your best performance as a student and worker,” Kuris says. “What time of day do you feel most focused? Where do you like to get work done? What keeps you motivated? What distractions are your kryptonite? Your first year will involve more reading than you have likely ever encountered. If that concerns you, consider learning speed-reading techniques and practicing how to digest dense information.”


Many law courses require students to participate in Socratic discussion methods and analyze real and hypothetical cases. Kuris says incoming law students can get a prepare ahead of time by taking online prep courses.

“As a law student, it will be up to you to stitch the threads together by making outlines based on your notes and readings, including explanatory materials like commercial outlines and summaries,” Kuris says. “While many law schools have orientation sessions to help law students adjust, a guidebook or online prep course can give you a head start.”

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