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Penn Law Reverts Name Change

University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School is reverting its name back to “Penn Carey Law” shortly after it changed its name to “Carey Law” earlier this month.

The Daily Pennsylvanian reports that the law school made the decision to return to “Penn Law” following widespread backlash from the law school community.

Shortly after the law school changed its name to “Carey Law,” more than 3,000 law students and alumni signed a petition that demanded the school change its name back to “Penn Law.” According to the petition, students argued that the name “Carey Law” would not carry as much prestige as the former “Penn Law.”

“Much of the conversation has centered on concerns over the short-form name, instead of a focus on how the Carey Foundation gift will be used,” Penn Law Dean Ted Ruger says in a released statement. “We have heard you. Like all of you, my colleagues and I care deeply about the Law School’s history, tradition, and reputation in the academy, profession, and across the globe.”


The name change came following a record-setting $125 million dollar donation from the W.P. Carey Foundation.

The foundation, which has long had ties with the university, donated the gift to support interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial programming.

The University has stated that the new shortened name, Penn Carey Law, will be used on University communications, signage, and documents.

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