Law Schools That Deliver The Jobs & Highest Pay

Placement and Salary Rankings (76-100)

2016 RankSchool2016 Employed 9 Months After Graduation2015 Employed 9 Months After Graduation2014 Employed 9 Months After Graduation2016 vs. 2015 Difference3 Year DifferencePrivate – Median Starting SalaryPublic – Median Starting Salary
78Illinois Institute of Technology (Kent)67.4%65.2%56.6%2.2%10.8%$70,000$53,000
78Brooklyn Law69.0%57.5%54.3%11.5%14.7%$65,000$52,000
78Loyola (Chicago)64.7%63.5%60.6%1.2%4.1%$70,000$51,630
78University of Pittsburgh68.2%64.4%68.0%3.8%0.2%$72,500$41,184
82St. John’s University67.3%NANANANA$70,000$55,750
82University of Hawaii71.6%66.0%72.3%5.6%-0.7%$54,756$54,040
82University of Cincinnati69.1%64.3%67.5%4.8%1.6%$77,500$44,000
82University of Oregon62.9%49.1%49.4%13.8%13.5%$64,500$44,000
82University of Tulsa78.6%79.1%72.5%-0.5%6.1%$62,500$40,000
87Syracuse University66.7%NANANANA$62,400$50,000
87University of Buffalo71.2%62.2%62.0%9.0%9.2%$53,250$50,000
87University of New Hampshire76.6%68.1%NA8.5%NA$101,000$48,043
87Villanova University63.3%59.4%59.9%3.9%3.4%$71,000$48,000
87Rutgers University-Newark64.8%65.0%62.9%-0.2%1.9%$100,000$46,096
87Northeastern University55.5%51.6%55.2%3.9%0.3%$63,000$45,500
87St. Louis University67.4%73.2%NA-5.8%NA$65,000$45,000
94Santa Clara University56.2%NANANANA$100,000$60,500
94University of Mississippi72.1%NANANANA$75,000$55,000
94West Virginia University73.1%81.0%79.2%-7.9%-6.1%$60,000$55,000
94Michigan State University56.8%58.8%60.1%-2.0%-3.3%$64,000$50,000
94Lewis & Clark University66.0%64.1%53.6%1.9%12.4%$60,000$45,612
94Louisiana State University80.7%83.9%84.7%-3.2%-4.0%$58,000$42,125
94University of South Carolina75.6%76.1%59.5%-0.5%16.1%$70,000$40,334
94University of Louisville80.5%79.5%86.6%1.0%-6.1%$57,500$38,500
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