Brooklyn Law School

Brooklyn Law School


Brooklyn Law School

250 Joralemon St.
Brooklyn, New York 11201
(718) 780-7906

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TippingTheScales (2013): NR
U.S. News (2013): 80
AboveTheLaw (2013): NR




Academics & Programs: Located in everyone’s favorite borough, Brooklyn Law School offers students a “broad range of classes,” “four scholarly journals,” and a renowned moot court program. Additionally, BLS maintains four joint-degree programs. These provide a modicum of “flexibility” and grant students the opportunity “to pursue parallel interests and to tailor [their] legal education [to their] particular career goals.” Additionally, students are quick to highlight the “fantastic” clinic program. As one third year explains, “It gave me the opportunity to apply legal theory to the real world, and to contribute to the Brooklyn community.”

When it comes to their professors, students at Brooklyn Law are quick to heap praise and accolades. As one second year gushes, “The faculty at Brooklyn Law is comprised of some of the best teachers that I have ever had. They are enthusiastic, dedicated, brilliant, and are passionate about teaching.” And a grateful third year chimes in, “Our professors our fantastic. We are extremely lucky to have some leaders in their fields.” Perhaps even more noteworthy, the faculty here makes it a point to not only “help with coursework but also [offer] career advice and placement.” As a relieved fellow third year shares, “I’ve had professors pull all sorts of strings for me, and I’m not even at the top of the class. I’m very appreciative of their backing and support.”

Another aspect of Brooklyn Law that students appreciate is the school’s prime location. Indeed, since BLS is near both the Southern and Eastern District Courts of New York “students are able to intern at the federal courts during the school year.” Additionally, the school is also a stone’s throw from “major New York law firms” and as one grateful third year asserts, “a surprisingly large number of law firms do hire Brooklyn Law students (or at least interview them).” And a fellow third year adds (and reiterates), “The location of Brooklyn is top-notch. Several schools in Manhattan compete over the Southern District of New York where Brooklyn has almost free reign over the Eastern District. District Courts, Second Circuit, Bankruptcy Courts, US Attorney, District Attorney, Kings County Courts are ALL located within a few blocks from the school. This leads first to incredible clinical opportunities, and for many jobs.” A pleased second year sums up, “Brooklyn Law School has a great reputation in the NYC legal market, and the school really encourages internships and real-world experience.”

Though students enjoy their academic experience, they are less than enamored with Brooklyn’s administration. While some do acknowledge that there are “good individual administrators,” they quickly note that the “administration is too departmentalized [with] not enough communication between departments.” A less than pleased third year students complains, “The administrators seem to be more concerned with the school’s ranking, alumni donations, and number of students who obtain post-graduate clerkships than the actual quality of the school.” A fellow third year is more sympathetic stating, “The administration generally seems like it is working hard for the betterment of the school community, although we had some instability due to a dean search that has recently ended.”

Campus Life/Facilities: Diversity “in terms of race, ethnicity, and interests” is “thriving” among the “hardworking and intelligent” students here. You’ll probably be able to find whatever scene you are after. There’s “frat culture spilling out from students who attended straight from undergrad.” There’s also a contingent of slightly older people who have taken some time off and have been living in New York for awhile. A lot of people here “already have lives and friends” and “have their own thing going on.” At the same time, “There’s a great sense of community,” especially for students living in campus housing.

Academically, BLS is known for having a tough curve “that is a humbling experience for some 1Ls.” Nevertheless, students assure us, “There is a spirit of cooperation and unity that creates a very supportive environment.” “Students tend to get along and help each other more than compete.” Outside the classroom, the school sponsors “tons of” lectures and “student groups are very active.” Students call surrounding Brooklyn Heights “a great neighborhood.” “You have more courts within two blocks than you could ever visit, much less intern with.” “Shops and restaurants dot tree-lined Montague Street on the way to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade (with the best view of Manhattan),” says a 2L. “The rest of the neighborhood consists of well-kept historic brownstones. It’s just a great place to wander around.” And of course the Big Apple offers a never-ending array of activities and night-life. As one happy student concludes, “Brooklyn has become the center of the cultural universe and Brooklyn Law School is right in the epicenter. We are located in the greatest city in the world, the capital of Big Law and right near two of the most prestigious federal districts in the nation.”

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