It's Never Too Late To Go To Law School

Law student22 Kind Of Good Reasons To Attend Law School

In a recent Huffington Post article a journalism student from San Francisco State University gives 22 reasons why attending law school is still a good idea. In a recent Above The Law article they rip apart the reasons and the SFSU student, Madison Rutherford. The reasons for attending ranged from being able to contest a traffic ticket like a boss to becoming an interview snob to knowing how to act when disaster strikes.
Above The law breaks the reasons into three categories: “stuff that lawyers have magic powers, stuff that’s blatantly untrue, and stuff that’s true but irrelevant.” While Above The Law does what Above The Law does and totally ripped apart the article and the intelligence of the writer, there are some plausible reasons to attend law school listed. Not all of them support incurring the amount of debt required for a law degree, but they are some good thoughts, regardless.
The most important and accurate thought and only one Above The Law doesn’t completely rip into a thousand pieces is law school can be a good transition into the real world. So true. While many millennials are taking the time to globetrot and “fiind themselves” at least law students are gaining education in the process. They are learning valuable lessons about how the world works and how to function in the world while gaining maturity and “finding themselves.”
Another point was strengthening your intellectual stamina. While this point is kind of unclear, law schools does require an immense amount of time spent focusing, reading, listening, and learning. Those are all very important skills to functioning in relationships, jobs, and working on taxes.
The final good argument for going to law school is being purposeful. Even if it is finding purpose in reducing your near endless debt. It is still purpose. And creating that purpose and focus regardless of the outcome or intention is still purpose and focus. Which, again, are great life skills and those that will be exaggerated for success within a law school environment.
Source: Above The Law
Source: Huffington Post

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