U.S. News’ 2015 Law School Rankings

2014SchoolIndex20132012201120102014 vs. 20135 Year Trend5 Year Average
1Yale University1001111001.0
2Harvard University962322002.2
2Stanford University952233012.4
4Columbia University924444004.0
4University of Chicago924555014.6
6New York University886666006.0
7University of Pennsylvania867777007.0
8University of Virginia8477910-128.2
9University of California-Berkeley8397970-28.2
10University of Michigan8291079-1-19.0
10Duke University82111111111110.8
12Northwestern University79121212110-111.8
13Cornell University76131413130013.2
13Georgetown University76141314141113.6
15University of Texas-Austin73151614150015.0
16Vanderbilt University7215161617-1116.0
18Washington University (MO)69192318191119.4
19Emory University66232430224323.6
20University of Minnesota6519192022-1220.0
20George Washington University65212020201020.2
23University of Alabama6421293538-21529.2
24University of Washington632820303441027.2
24College of William & Mary63333527289429.4
26University of Notre Dame6223222322-3-423.2


* Editor’s Note: Any annual ranking with a 101 reflects that the school was ranked outside the top 100 for that year.

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