Tipping the Scales

Standalone Law Schools Aren’t All Doomed

'I have the same problem that Obama has with the economy, and that is no one knows how it could’ve been so much worse,' says Brooklyn Law Dean Nicholas Allard

taking an exam

Taking The LSAT Cold: Our Intrepid Reporter Does It

With no prep at all and little advice, one of our reporters sits for the LSAT. What she discovered could help you do better on the test


The Best Schools And Programs For Dispute Resolution

Pepperdine tops the list for the 10th consecutive year

northwestern law 2

An Interview With Northwestern’s Forward-Thinking Dean

Dean Daniel B. Rodriguez discusses admissions, the law school crisis, and why the U.S. News ranking is "a good idea that’s gone horribly wrong."

University of Texas at Austin Law School

Getting In: An Interview With UT’s Law School Admissions Dean

A conversation with Assistant Dean for Admissions Monica Ingram

Real Deal MBA

Avatar of Shawn P. O'Connor

Have A Law School Admissions Question? Ask Shawn, Our Resident Expert

submitted by: Shawn P. O'Connor

1:59 pm, May, 20, 2013

Welcome Shawn O'Connor of Stratus Prep who has agreed to help anxious law school applicants with difficult admissions questions. No question is out of bounds. Just fire away.

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Welcome To TippingTheScales.com

submitted by: John A. Byrne

2:27 pm, May, 20, 2013

Our goal and mission with TippingTheScales.com is to make it THE must-read destination for the best law school applicants to the world's top law schools

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Selecting Your Law School Classes

submitted by: Cecilia Retelle

10:35 pm, July, 28, 2014

A checklist of things to look for in selecting classes

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A Breed Of Their Own: Law School Classmates

submitted by: Cecilia Retelle

4:44 am, December, 05, 2013

Getting a law degree in an oversaturated market makes people do crazy shit

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Entrepreneurs: The Judicial System Needs You

submitted by: Paul B. Brown

7:29 pm, October, 16, 2013

What's it like to be a grand juror in Massachusetts

Rankings Matter More Than Cost Of A JD

Nearly 40% would prefer a top-tier school without aid

Famous People Who Failed The Bar

And we're not talking about actors and writers

I Dropped Out Of Law School Before Starting

Enamored with the idea of being an attorney

Confederate Flags Create Campus Divide

Washington and Lee faces critics on both sides

Schools With Big Employment Gains

Our weekly summary of law school news

UMich Admissions: LSAT Isn’t Gameable

Study, but don't exhaust yourself

Back of the Envelope

Most Selective

School Selectivity Enrolled
Yale 8.3% 615
Stanford 9.7% 575
Berkeley 11.6% 856
Virginia 15.2% 1,078
UPenn 15.5% 776
Harvard 16.1% 1,727
Columbia 18.4% 1,290
Duke 19.1% 660
Chicago 20.1% 610
UC-Irvine 21.0% 297
Baylor 21.2% 401
Richmond 21.4% 460

Most Selective Law Schools

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