Boston College Law School


Boston College Law School

Stuart House, Room M302
885 Centre St.
Newton, MA 02458
(617) 552-8000
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TippingTheScales (2013): 29
U.S. News (2013): 31
AboveTheLaw (2013): 21

Academics & Programs: Located at the Newton campus location of Boston College, just west of Brookline, Boston College Law is a “welcoming community” that benefits from strong ties to the surrounding area and judicial system. Academics are “challenging but by no means unmanageable,” and a solid writing program and “incredibly motivated” student body contribute to a “very positive” overall experience. Law school “horror stories” are unfounded at Boston College; “everyone here is willing to share notes, [with] very few ‘gunners’.” Public interest is also “heavily emphasized.”
“The people are what make BC Law a great place,” according to one student. This is a group of about 800 “down to earth, interesting,” and “intelligent” people who exist in a “non-competitive atmosphere” in which everyone is “always willing to send you notes.” While everyone strives to do their best, “no one cuts each other down and everyone tries to help each other out.” “We’ve really got a sense that we’re all in it together,” says a student. “With all the stresses of law school, it’s nice to be around a group of people who aren’t all awful.”
“Almost everyone I have come across from fellow students to faculty and administration has been supportive, dedicated, and deeply interested in the work that they do,” says another. “Until finals begin one can *almost* forget that they attend an elite law school (in a good way).” The “very collegial,” “mellow” student body is “friendly and unpretentious,” and there is “a real sense of fun and community here”; although, many would like to see more diversity in the student body.
Campus Life/Facilities: Still, “the general ambiance of the school is nice,” and everyone here “forms a unique community” where “everyone approaches problems as part of a team,” and “students develop strong study groups to form meaningful questions for the faculty.”
Facilities are “excellent in the renovated areas, but just adequate in the older parts of the building.” Even in the new areas of the campus, “it isn’t ideal to be sharing a cafeteria and study space with 18 year-old freshmen during exam time” since the lounge areas are also shared with undergrads. The campus is located “far from public transportation”; getting a parking space in the morning is difficult, and “generally means you will be in the back lot and have to walk up a bunch of stairs with your books.”
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