Which Schools Had The Most Applicants In 2014

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Which Schools Had The Most Applicants In 2014?

It goes without saying that the past decade has been rough on law schools. During that time, applicants to law programs have declined by 50 percent, according to the LSAC. Perhaps more frightening, that huge drop has come since 2010, when hoards of students were applying to law schools. In 2014, a mere 55,700 intrepid souls applied for law school. Compare that to the nearly 88,000 people who applied in 2010.
Nevertheless, many law schools had quite a few applicants this year. As the U.S. News and Above the Law reported this past, week, some schools are still doing well in attracting potential law students. Specifically, schools in the Northeast.
Georgetown University led the pack for the second year in a row with 7,793 full-time applicants. New York University and Columbia University followed with 6,193 and 6,188 applicants, respectively. The first school on the list outside of the Northeast was the University of California-Berkeley, which was sixth on the list with 5,669 applicants. The only other school in the top 10 not located on the East Coast was the University of California-Los Angeles, which was eighth with 5,383 applicants.

School Applicants U.S. News Rank
Georgetown University 7,793 14
New York University 6,193 6
Columbia University 6,188 4 (tie)
Harvard University 5,943 2 (tie)
University of Pennsylvania 5,828 7
University of California-Berkeley 5,669 8 (tie)
George Washington University 5,549 22 (tie)
University of California-Los Angeles 5,383 16
Duke University 5,358 8 (tie)
University of Virginia 5,233 8 (tie)

Above the Law also takes the data and compiles a list of the top schools with applicants that are unranked by the U.S. News. For the unranked schools, Florida Coastal had the most applicants with 2,666. Charlotte Law School was next on the list with 2,472. Rounding out the top three was Southwestern Law School with 1,909 applicants.
Interestingly, when Above the Law compiled a similar list in 2012 based on 2011 data, Florida Coastal had more than 5,000 applicants. Cooley Law School was in second with more than 4,000 and Charlotte was third with more than 3,900 applicants. The lowest number on the top 10 was Nova Southeast University with 2,298 applicants—good enough for third on this year’s list.

School Applicants
Florida Coastal 2,666
Charlotte 2,472
Southwestern 1,909
Suffolk 1,808
New England 1,807
South Texas 1,631
Barry 1,586
Nova Southeastern 1,487
Cooley 1,481
Thomas Jefferson 1,381

This year’s list compared to the 2012 list shows the decline in applicants has been much more dramatic for unranked schools. All schools on the ranked list have decreased applicant numbers by less than 2,000. The majority of the unranked schools have lost applicants at close to a rate of 50 percent. This proves, once again, that unranked and lower-ranked programs will have to do the most scrambling to stay afloat as student interest in law school declines.
Sources: U.S. News and Above the Law

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