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Former Whittier Law Students May Return To School

Former Whittier Law Students may be returning to the law school – which announced its closure back in 2017.
Steven Chung, a tax attorney in Los Angeles, California and contributor at Above The Law, reports that roughly 20 former Whittier Law students had transferred to Western State School of Law after Whittier announced it’d be closing due to financial issues.
However, those students found themselves in trouble once again when Western State School of Law announced that it too would be closing after funding ceases.
Re-Admitted to Whittier
According to Above The Law, former Whittier students who attend Western State School of Law will be re-admitted to Whittier to finish their final year.
Admitting these students will probably require additional resources from Whittier College,” Chung writes. “This might be a challenge since Whittier Law School is in the final phases of its own closing. Also, it is not clear whether admitting them would be allowed under ABA rules. Finally, the students must be able to obtain federal financial aid if needed.”
Financial Issue Trend

A number of law schools have closed their doors in recent years due to financial issues.
Last October, Valparaiso University Law School announced it would officially cease operations after a significant decline in enrollment.
“This has been an extremely difficult decision and is the result of several years of careful discernment,” Frederick G. Kraegel, chairman of the Board of Directors of Valparaiso University, noted in a press release. “We have explored a number of strategic alternatives. Despite these efforts, we have not been able to achieve a more positive outcome.”
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