The Top Law Schools for a Social Life

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Bachelorette Using What She Learned in Law School to Find Love

Source: Above the Law

The Changing Face of the Law Professor

Source: The Crimson

The Future of Harvard Law’s Newest Graduates in Four Charts

Source: Bostinno

From Inmate to Law School Grad

Source: Miami Times

Former Washington University Professor Named President of Malawi

Source: CBS St. Louis

Shrinking Applicant Pool Has Law Schools Competing to Cut Costs

Source: Houston Chronicle

Is It Too Late To Go to Law School?

Source: Pen and Chisel

Law School Now On Sale

Source: Time

University of Minnesota Gets $2.2 Million Dollar Injection

Source: Minnesota Daily

Top Five Resume Mistakes

Source: National Jurist

Tweets of the Week:

Kristi Colleen ‏@KristiColleen 
Some days I wish I had become a lawyer, but arguing on the internet is cheaper than law school.
Puttanesca ‏@ashe_phoenix 
One of my more well-off law school colleagues invited me to a crab feast and BBQ in July. Or summoned me, rather. LOL
Adam Clarke ‏@iamclarkey85 
You know you are getting old when you are at your little sister’s Law school graduation. #UofA

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