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YelpYelp Enters Law School Rankings Game

The world couldn’t possibly need another law school ranking, right? Wrong, says Yelp. Once an online rating system for restaurants, Yelp is branching out. When you’re in a new place and you need to find the best place for food or the go-to local watering hole, you really can’t beat Yelp. But choosing a law school is a little different from deciding where to find the best burger joint in Garden City, Kansas.
But just in case you would like the ratings (and comments about the law schools you are trying to decide between), Yelp’s got your back. The site announced this week, through some aggressive advertising; it is a good way to gather more information for deciding on a law school. The site provides pages and reviews for many universities—law schools included.
A Pandora ad says, “Let’s say you’re hungry for justice, want to study to become a lawyer and don’t mind paying off hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loans. We know just the place.”
And a few people have adhered by weighing in to rate some schools. Here are some examples.
Yale Law School: 4.5 stars with six reviews. Notable comments:

  • “I love the crowd, even if it is a little on the nerdy side.”
  • “Aside from the troublesome labyrinth of faculty office hallways, I’ve found Yale Law to be a well laid-out and comfortable spot in which to spend a few years hiding from the economy.”

University of Chicago Law: 5 stars with three reviews. Notable comments:

  • “This law school is as aesthetically first class as it is academically first class.”

Brooklyn Law School: 4.5 stars with two reviews. Notable comments:

  • “Powerful alumni network, close proximity to all of the major state and federal courts, world class professors and practitioners, and a student body as diverse as the city is.”

But one might want to be careful with these rankings. Take Golden Gate University School of Law, for example. The school has one of the lowest job placement rates, yet has a 3.5-star rating with 14 reviews. One commenter said, “My path was not easy and people were not knocking down my door to offer me jobs, but I got it done.” Another: “The fact is, GGU admits people who otherwise would not have the opportunity to go to law school (read: low college GPA and/or low LSAT score).”
Santa Clara University School of Law, which also has a low job placement rate, has a 4-star rating with five reviews. One commenter said, “Seems that academic elitism isn’t safe even at this South Bay Jesuit school that promotes diversity and liberalism.” Another: “LOL.  I’m trying to get over the fact that the law school is even listed on Yelp (or the fact that I actually looked it up)!  It’s over a six-figure commitment and three years of life, not just something to “try” like a restaurant or dessert joint around the block.”
Valid point.
Source: Above the Law

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