The States With The Most Law School Applicants

The States With The Most Law School Applicants

Which states produce the most law students per capita?

Technically, it isn’t a state. Washington D.C. is home to the most law school applicants in the U.S.

New research by found that per 100,000 people, there were 129.4 law applicants in Washington D.C. New York came in second with 29.15 applicants, with Massachusetts taking third with 25.47 applicants.


The study analyzed the number of law school applicants from each US state between January 10, 2022, and January 10, 2023. Using population figures for each state, the number of law school applicants per 100,000 population for each state was determined.

“This research highlights where the next generation of lawyers will be coming from with Washington DC having four times more applicants per 100,000 people than New York,” a spokesperson for says.


Location is one of the most important factors for consideration when choosing a law school, experts say.

“Some cities are particularly hard markets to break into for law graduates without local connections,” Gabriel Kuris, founder of Top Law Coach and contributor at US News, says. “For example, herds of law graduates nationwide stampede to hubs like the San Francisco Bay Area and the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. States like Ohio, Illinois and Massachusetts are oversaturated with law schools.”

The data can be a helpful tool for prospective students to consider when deciding where to apply.

“Though this data reveals which states have the most residents actively applying for law school, there are many factors that these future lawyers should take into consideration when choosing which school is right for them. They may look at the tuition costs, the percentage of successful graduates, the average salary for a lawyer in that state. Location is vital for consideration as this also affections your internship choices, professional networks and post graduate job prospects.”

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