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Law students3 Must-Do Tasks For Law School Students Looking To Transfer

Did you get rejected from your dream law school but were accepted at your second choice? All is not lost. One way to get into your dream school is to spend one year working hard at another law school and then transfer into the school you had your hopes set on.
Law schools only report LSAT scores and undergraduate GPAs of their first-year class. Consequently, if your LSAT scores and undergraduate GPA is keeping you from attending a top school, spending a year at a second-tier school and doing really well is another way to attend a top school. However, transfer spots are often limited and competitive. Recently, U.S. News offered a few strategies on how to give yourself the best possible chances to be accepted as a transfer.
First, get the best grades possible as a first year. Once you start law school, LSAT scores and undergraduate GPAs don’t matter anymore. It’s all about how good your grades are and how they compare to your first-year peers. Your performance as a 1L is the single most important factor to admissions offices when considering whom they accept as transfers and whom they reject.
Next, it’s important to build relationships with your professors. They will be sending letters of recommendation for you. So you’ll want to give them plenty of opportunity to write great things. This starts by obviously doing really well in their classes. But it is also essential to participate in class and frequent their office hours to develop good relations.
Finally, participate in at least one law-related extracurricular activity. First, this approach looks good on a transfer application. Next, it gives you something to talk about in your personal essay. For example, an extracurricular activity can be a good way to show off a different skill set that might have otherwise gone unstated. It also opens up another network for potential recommenders.
As admissions decisions continue to pour in, this is a very real and pertinent strategy to get into a school you were initially rejected from. If transferring is your best path to a top school, it’s best to go into the first year with these strategies in mind.
Source: U.S. News

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