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It is never too early to start looking for that perfect job fresh out of school, right? Right. And don’t tell anyone, but apparently it is kind of tough right now to find a job in the legal profession. So, according to a recent report written by Justin Koterba, upcoming and recent grads should be as prepared as possible to go above and beyond what is “normal” to land that first job.
The report provides three obvious, albeit helpful tips. First, research. Duh. But you can never know too much. Koterba suggests researching which types of law you would like to practice and where to practice them. Moreover, Koterba suggests looking at where certain types of attorneys are in high demand. Finally, research specific firms, attorneys, and the area’s business leaders. Get to the borderline-creepy-stalker type of research. Know the lead attorney’s dog’s name at the firm you want to work for. Just don’t let her or him know you know it. Capeesh?
Next, network. Again, duh. But just like research, you can never network too much. This goes beyond the LinkedIn connections. Call the office you want to work at and invite someone (you have already researched) out to lunch. Or coffee. Start doing this early on. Like, while still in law school. Once in the setting, make sure you have meaningful and intentional conversation ideas already formed. The attorney didn’t come to coffee with you to discuss her dog that you somehow know the name of.
Finally, Koberta suggests knowing your worth. It is his way of saying, “Do not settle.” If you cannot snag your dream job right off, at least get something that isn’t miserable and will be a stepping stone to a dream job. Koberta describes it as a “strategic risk”—meaning, you might be overqualified for the job, but taking the job puts you in a strategic place to move up quickly. I’m looking at you, 3L’s.
Source: The Legal Intelligencer

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