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Arizona Summit Law School

Change of Plan for Arizona Summit Students

It’s been a chaotic year for Arizona Summit (ASLS) students.
In an urgent email sent to students last Friday, Arizona Summit says the ABA is now requiring the law school to develop “individualized plans” for each student to complete their degree, azcentral reports.
“In other words, ASLS will not be partnering with ASU to ‘teach out’ ASLS students; instead, some of the remaining ASLS students (but not all) will be able to finish and take classes at ASU,” Stacey Pynn, Arizona Sumit’s career services counselor, writes in the email to students.
The Original Teach Out Plan
Previously, Arizona Summit planned for its students to complete their degree at neighboring Phoenix law school, Arizona State University.
Under a proposed teach out plan, students would be able to finish their credit hours to graduate and complete their degree at Arizona Summit.
The sudden news came to students in August, when they were told that fall classes at ASLS would be cancelled, according to
ASLS has had a history of trouble with the ABA. The school is currently fighting to gain its accreditation back after it was placed on ABA probation last year for being out of compliance with ABA standards for admission and academic standards.
Individualized Plans
Now, students will be given individualized plans for degree competition. It is currently not known whether or not these plans will involve ASU.
According to Arizona Summit Interim President Peter Goplerud, the plans will be in the best interest of each student.
“What the ABA is doing is really helping us make sure that the students are all on the best path forward to complete their degrees,” he tells azcentral.
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