Reach Law Schools: 3 Tips for Landing an Acceptance Letter

Do These Things After You Send Your Application

Admissions deadlines for Fall 2023 are right around the corner. After you hit “send,” the hard part is over. But experts say there are a few more things that can help to push your candidacy forward.

Gabriel Kuris, founder of Top Law Coach and contributor at US News, recently offered a few tips on what applicants can do after they’ve submitted their applications.


Typically, law schools follow up a sent application with an email confirmation. Kuris recommends checking your email and any online tools that a law school may provide.

“First, check your spam folder,” Kuris says. “Second, look for relevant guidance from the law school website about what to do in this case. Many law schools have dedicated email inboxes for application status inquiries. Finally, you can call the admission office or send a brief, polite email to the law school to confirm receipt of your application.”


You can send updates on your application in certain scenarios, such a new job promotion or updated grades.

“If you receive new grades, request for your school to send an updated transcript to your CAS [Credential Assembly Service] account,” Kuris says. “If you receive a new LSAT score, it will automatically appear in your CAS account. Neither case requires sending a separate update to law schools.”


While visits can take place at any point during the application season, it can be helpful to make an in-person campus visit after you’ve applied to learn more about what a law school has to offer.

“Making a positive and professional impression on admissions officers can help you build relationships that distinguish you from other applicants,” Kuris says. “Use these meetings as a chance to demonstrate your interest by referencing some of the unique opportunities at the law school relevant to your interests and goals.”

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