One Week And Done

Quit JobCharleston President Resigns After 8 Days On The Job

What’s your most embarrassing moment? Blurting out a bad word while giving a presentation in front of important clients? Having a strand of toilet paper attach to your foot and follow you around? Having a president of your law school step down after eight days on the job? The last example is too real for Charleston School of Law.
Eight days after being named the President of Charleston School of Law, Maryann Jones decided to not sign a contract. In an email to law school owners, George Kosko, Robert Carr, and Ed Westbrook and Dean Andy Abrams, Jones wrote, “The level of vitriol, with all sides making me a lightning rod for an unfortunate situation that was not of my making, makes this truly a situation that I am unwilling at this stage of my life to undertake.”
Jones had found herself in the middle of a heated disagreement akin to a lover’s quarrel between Kosko, Carr, and Westbrook on whether or not they should sell the law school to InfiLaw System, which already owns three law schools. Kosko and Carr want to see the school sold and Westbrook does not.
On their first day on the job, most people are treated with smiling faces, a clean desk, and maybe even a nice lunch out.  Instead, Jones was met with bickering and stressed bosses and protesting students during her first week. The students were demanding to be able to review the school’s budget themselves. And Westbrook himself stated in an email that he gave Jones his vote for the job because he thought she indicated she would remain neutral on the topic of selling the law school.
Westbrook then alleged Jones in an additional email of speaking in support of the sale to faculty and staff as well as failing to meet with Westbrook and his attorney. Jones responded with an email of her own, stating she had reached out to his attorney twice. Nevertheless, the resignation pours salt on the deepening wound for Charleston Law.
Source: The Post and Courier