Majority of Law Grads Dissatisfied

Thomas Jefferson Law School

Law School Faces Difficulty Following Probation

Student enrollment at Thomas Jefferson School of Law is dwindling. Above The Law reports that the law school has been suffering financially following its probation by the American Bar Association last November.
“The council determined that the law school’s present and anticipated financial resources, admissions practices, academic program, and bar passage outcomes have resulted in the law school now being in a position where only immediate and substantial action can bring about sufficient change to put the law school on a realistic path back to operating in full compliance within the time allowed by the standards and rules of procedure,” the ABA decision states.

Low Enrollment & Financial Difficulty

According to Above The Law, the law school was ordered to inform all applicants about its low bar exam passage rates. Since then, the school has been struggling to maintain a high number of student enrollment with only 15 students starting their studies this spring, Above The Law reports.
In addition to dwindling student enrollment, sources also report that the school is having financial difficulty in affording its campus.
“One place is all the way in Rancho Bernardo,” one source tells Above The Law. “The lease is up at the place in downtown San Diego and the owners will not re-sign the school due to TJSL not keeping up with the payments.”
Thomas Jefferson’s 509 Report from 2016 lists median GPA at the law school to be 2.89 with a median LSAT score of 143, according to the ABA Journal. Annual tuition at the law school is $49,500.
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