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How To Find A Strong Tax Law School

In 2015, the Huffington Post reported that the best legal job market for millennials was tax law.
Healthcare, business regulation, and the IRS all require tax attorneys. According to the report, tax law has become an increasingly challenging, yet necessary practice.
Tax Lawyers are Necessary
“As a tax lawyer, you work for government agencies, law firms specializing in taxation services, businesses and corporations,” according to “You help clients understand how the laws governing taxation affect them and help them comply with those laws.”
In addition, tax law is needed whether economic conditions are good or bad, according to Linda Galler, a Professor of Law at Hofstra University.
Ilana Kowarski, a reporter at U.S. News, recently discussed what aspiring tax lawyers should look for when choosing a law school.
A diverse curriculum

Leandra Lederman

Leandra Lederman is a tax law professor at Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law. In an interview with U.S. News, Lederman says that aspiring tax lawyers should seek law schools that teach three core subjects: individual income tax, corporate tax, and partnership tax.
In addition, Lederman tells U.S. News that advanced course selection should include topics like state and local tax. Another strong characteristic of a tax law program is whether or not the school can enlist tax experts who serve as guest speakers, Lederman tells U.S. News.
Tax Clinics and Activities
Another characteristic of a law school with a strong tax law program is whether or not there are tax clinics and tax-related extracurricular activities.
Joshua Wu is a partner with Strasburger & Price, LLP. In an interview with US News, Wu says that students can gain valuable tax law experience through low-income taxpayer clinic programs.
These clinics “allow students to obtain real-life client experience and show that a school has a commitment to training future tax lawyers,” Wu tells US News.
In addition to clinics, prospective applicants should also seek out activities such as transactional moot court competitions and research assistant opportunities.
Look at the Alumni
An active alumni base is reflective of a school’s strength and preparation. Brad Paladini is a tax law attorney based in New Jersey. In a U.S. News interview, Paladini says law school applicants should seek schools that have a high number of alumni actively working as tax attorneys.
“To see whether the program has strong tax law job prospects, look at tax law firms in the location where the school is located,” Paladini tells U.S. News. “Do many of the attorneys at the firms have a degree from the school? If so, it’s a good indication the program is strong.”
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