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42 Midwest Law Schools Ranked By Graduate Employment

You know those states in the middle of the country? You know, the “flyover states” with all of the agriculture? Well, going to law schools in those states just might be a good idea. Cost of living is low compared to the coasts. Tuition is usually lower too — and you’d be surrounded by some nice people.
Just in case you do think the slower pace of Midwest living sounds nice, ChicagoInno put together a  list of 42 Midwestern law schools ranked by their employment placement percentages for the class of 2014, 10 months after graduation. ChicagoInno also does a good job of arguing for the value of the J.D . After all, a recent study conducted by a team of economics, business and law professors does show during a stable economy, a law degree is worth about $1 million more in a lifetime than a bachelor’s degree. Even if the economy is down, the researchers say a law degree is worth $700,000 more than a bachelor’s degree.
So, if you are going to go to law school in the Midwest and want a job, where should you go? That’s easy: the University of Chicago. The school had an eye-popping employment rate of 96.2 percent. Prefer a large state school and all of the fun that comes with it? The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor is not far behind Chicago with an employment rate of 93.3 percent. Washington University in St. Louis and Northwestern University, both private schools, are up next with employment rates of 91.1 percent and 90 percent, respectively. The Ohio State University rounds out the top five with an 89 percent employment rate.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, Western Michigan University’s Cooley Law School reported a slightly concerning 44.1 percent employment rate. Capital University in Columbus, Ohio and the University of Detroit Mercy didn’t do much better with employment rates of 46.3 percent and 46.4 percent, respectively.
Interestingly, the University of Nebraska made the list at sixth with an employment rate of 87.2 percent. Nebraska did not make the Tipping the Scales Top 50 and considering in-state tuition for one year is just $14,479 (out-of-state is $32,852), a degree from Nebraska might be a steal for someone willing to practice there.
The University of Cincinnati and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign also made the top 10 for employment rates, despite not making Tipping the Scales’ top 50. Schools ranked by Tipping the Scales but failing to make the top 10 for employment ranks include: the University of Minnesota (ranked 25th amongst all law schools) and the University of Wisconsin (ranked 46th). Minnesota just missed the top 10, coming in 11th with an employment rate of 81.5 percent. Meanwhile, Wisconsin ranked 14th with an employment rate of 79.7 percent.
Here are the top ten Midwestern law schools for job placement:

School Employment Rate Tipping the Scales Rank (Top 50)
University of Chicago 96.2% 5
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 93.3% 11
Washington University in St. Louis 91.1% 21
Northwestern University 90% 8
The Ohio State University 89% 47
University of Nebraska 87.2% NR
University of Iowa 86.9% 44
University of Notre Dame 85.5% 20
Indiana University-Bloomington 82.4% 50
University of Cincinnati 82.4% NR
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 82.2%


The entire list of schools can be seen here.
Source: ChicagoInno