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More Women Pursuing Law Because of Trump’s Election

An overwhelming number of women are pursuing law degrees. The reason? Call it the Trump bump.
New survey results by BARBRI Law Preview, a member of the law preview group, found that 70% of respondents were “very unhappy” with President Trump and his policies. The group surveyed over 500 pre-law students and asked them questions regarding political affiliation, motivations for attending law school, and plans after graduation, Above The Law reports.
“It looks like a blue wave of female democrats going to law school,” Don Macaulay, president & founder of BARBRI for Pre-Law, tells Above The Law.
The Findings
67.79% of survey respondents identified as women. 57.83% were affiliated with the Democratic party and 79.43% said they voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.
Additionally, 13.47% said they planned to pursue public interest careers after graduation, while 12.24% planned to pursue careers in corporate law.
How 2016 Shifted Perceptions
The BARBRI Law Preview survey comes just months after Kaplan released a survey which found that over 30% of pre-law students say 2016 election results impacted their decision to apply to law school.
“The election gave me a litmus test for how divided our country will be for the next few years and how I want to remedy that,” one Kaplan survey respondent states. “The country needs level headed leaders and through law school, I believe that I can become one of them.”
In an interview with Tipping the Scales, Law School Admission Council CEO Kellye Testy says law and justice go hand in hand.
“People have woken up a little bit and they’re re-understanding the role of law, government, and the role of law in making those institutions work,” Testy tells Tipping the Scales. “I want to fan that flame. I want people to understand that law is a pathway to justice. They’re welcome in it and they’re needed.”
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