Law School Tuition: The Terrifying Future

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What Every Lawyer Should Know About Client Relationships


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7 Legal Apps For A Law Student

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Alan Dershowitz Reflects On 50 Years At Harvard Law School

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Law School Math: Tuition Goes Up While Student Expenses Magically Remain Flat

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Should You Include A Diversity Statement In Your Application?

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Is Novus University Turning Out Sham Law Degrees

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Tweets of the Week:

Jessica Kent @JessicaIsNice27m
Just googled “Contract Law for Idiots.” I’d say Law School is going well…
Alexandria Casperson @aleec3613m
Law school has given me a new appreciation for wine and sweatpants in the evening.
Ronnie Barcena @FreakoSuave8132h
Law school is destroying my abs
dione @dionepretorius10m
@LawSchoolHumor: Law school books are all the same: heavy, overpriced, and impossible to understand.”@Rouatjie
Kim @kim_wanders34m
law school had ruined law and order for me!
Chase. @frecklemanbeast3h
Law school really develops your procrastination skills to a professional level.