Law School Tuition: The Terrifying Future


In The Future, Law School Tuition Will Be Absolutely Terrifying

If most law school grads are shouting “Jobs, jobs, jobs,” you can bet they’re thinking “Debt, debt, debt.”
And it’ll only get worse in the coming years.
That’s the conclusion of Matt Leichter at Law School Tuition Bubble, a website devoted to reforming student debt. A licensed attorney who earned his law degree from Marquette University, Leichter recently projected law school tuition increases for 2017 and 2022. And it wasn’t pretty. Based on Leichter’s model, here are the schools with the ten highest annual tuitions by the 2022-2023 school year:
In the schools below, tuition grows between 27 and 29 percent over ten years, adding another $20,000 or more to student debt load annually. As Above The Law points out, Leichter’s forecast only reflects tuition. It does not include rent, insurance, transportation, books, clothing, and food, which could raise total annual cost up to $100,000. Talk about a Halloween scare for those 8th graders who’ll be entering law school in 2022!

# SCHOOL TUITION: 2012-2013 TUITION: 2017-2018 TUITION: 2022-2023
1. Cornell Law School (NY) 55,301 66,744 78,188
2. Columbia University (NY) 55,488 65,840 76,191
3. Yale Law School (CT) 53,600 63,850 74,100
4. Northwestern University (IL) 53,468 63,706 73,943
5. University of Pennsylvania (PA) 53,138 63,164 73,190
6. University of Southern California (CA) 52,598 62,616 72,633
7. Baylor University (TX) 46,420 59,295 72,169
8. Duke University (NC) 51,662 61,492 71,323
9. Harvard Law School (MA) 50,880 60,560 70,241
10. Yeshiva University (NY) 50,046 59,984 69,923

To learn about Leichter’s methodology and see his projections for 117 law schools, click on the Law School Tuition Bubble link below.
Sources: Law School Tuition Bubble, Above The Law

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