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3 Tips for STEM Applicants

Law schools like to seek out applicants who can bring new perspectives and backgrounds to the classroom. Applicants with a STEM background can be highly attractive to admissions officers.

Gabriel Kuris, founder of Top Law Coach and contributor at US News, recently discussed how applicants with a STEM background can put their best foot forward in law school admissions.


GPA is an important factor in law school admissions. If, however, your GPA isn’t on par with the law school’s average, it may be worthwhile to give admissions officers context in your addendum.

“Suffering the death of a close relative, battling an illness, or facing other uncontrollable life events that would impact even a top student’s academic performance—these are all explanations for a lower GPA that should be highlighted in an addendum to your application,” according to InGenius Prep.

Additionally, you’ll want to bolster other areas of your application if your GPA is low.

“Recommendation letters from professors, major research papers and personal statements can also help present a fuller picture of academic potential,” Kuris writes.


If you’re applying to law school with a STEM background, your experience may have to be adapted to be more relevant to law schools.

“Law schools appreciate work experience,” Kuris writes. “However, they are less interested in the technical challenges you faced than in your level of responsibility, performance under pressure and ability to both work on your own and with others. To adapt your resume for law school applications, replace technical terms with plain English. Weed out irrelevant specialized skills and qualifications. And consider using your personal statement to explain your professional achievements for readers who may be unfamiliar with your field.”


Law schools like to see applicants with strong reading and writing skills. If you’re lacking in these skillsets, Kuris recommends gaining relevant experience prior to applying to law school.

“If you are still in college, add law-related classes to your schedule,” Kuris writes. “If you are in the workforce, enrich your resume through volunteer activities or look for relevant responsibilities at work. Perhaps you could get involved in tasks that involve management, research and analysis, written or oral communications, or writing and implementing company policies.”

Sources: US News, InGenius Prep

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