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The University of Colorado-Boulder School of Law

The University of Colorado-Boulder School of Law

The Top 10 Law Schools For The Best Social Life

By this time, anyone even considering law school knows about six figure debts and long odds for landing a job. It’s kind of a weekly broken record. But what about enjoying the law school experience? What about kicking back (as much as possible) and having a good time? What about the social life?
If you are looking at applying to law schools next year or waffling on where to put your final deposit this year, here’s a ranking to consider before doing so. It’s about having fun and developing relationships with classmates. After all, it’s those connections that could lead to a job. Which law schools have the best social life? set out to answer that question. They surveyed current students and recent grads at 150 American Bar Association accredited law schools from September 1, 2012 to March 31, 2015. They defined social life as “how easy it is for students to meet people, make friends or date.”
The top school? The University of Colorado-Boulder with 9.61 stars (out of 10). Apparently when students aren’t studying torts, they are taking in the more than 300 days of sunshine Boulder sees and enjoying its many outdoors opportunities (and perhaps a certain green plant that is legal to partake in).
Up next was the University of Virginia with 9.5 stars, followed by the University of Florida with 9.4 stars. Rounding out the top five were the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama with 9.39 and 9.25 stars, respectively. It turns out, the large state schools have the most fun as the top six positions went to public institutions.
But it’s not just about partying. Here’s what one 2L said in his survey about Boulder’s program:” “While all students are in competition with each other to receive the coveted “A,” there is without a doubt a strong sense of community at CU Law. Students here have the perfect mix of intelligence and personality.”
The list of the top 25 can be found here. Check it out to see if your current or prospective school made the cut.
Top Ten List:

  1. University of Colorado-Boulder (9.61 stars)
  2. University of Virginia (9.50 stars)
  3. University of Florida (9.40 stars)
  4. University of Georgia (9.39 stars)
  5. University of Alabama (9.25 stars)
  6. University of Wisconsin-Madison (9.17 stars)
  7. Drexel University (9.13 stars)
  8. Northwestern University (9.00 stars)
  9. Southern Methodist University (8.89 stars)
  10. Duke University (8.80 stars)

Source: Above the Law

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