Closing In On The Bottom?


How About Those California Bar Exam Results?

Well, they’re not good. Actually, they’re kind of terrifying. Less than half (46.6%) of California’s bar exam test-takers received good news. Compare that the national average for first time test-takers from American Bar Association accredited schools, where 68% of in-state students and 59% of out-of-state students passed the bar.
But how did individual schools fair on the exam this year? The usual suspects did very well. Stanford Law topped the list with an amazing 88.8% pass rate. Next up was USC’s Gould Law School with an 86.7% pass rate. That will be a big help in the rankings as it performed better than UCLA and UC-Berkeley, which are both ranked higher than UCS’s 20th spot in the U.S. News rankings. UCLA followed with an 85.4% pass rate and UC-Berkeley was next with an 84.8% pass rate.
As for the schools with the worst pass rates? Whittier Law claims the bottom spot with a measly 37.7% pass rate. Golden Gate Law was also scraping the bottom with a 39.3% pass rate. San Francisco Law and Thomas Jefferson Law were next with scores of 47.4% and 47.7%, respectively.
And what about out-of-state test-takers? Again, the usual suspects performed the best. Yale Law’s 30 test-takers had a pass rate of 93.3%. Virginia Law’s had a pass rate of 92.1%. Chicago Law had 29 test-takers score a 89.7%. And Pennsylvania Law (18 test-takers) and Harvard Law (93 test-takers) rounded out the top five with pass rates of 88.9% and 86%, respectively.
And could you believe some schools actually had a 0% pass rate? Believe it. Rounding out the worst-of-the-worst for out-of-state schools were Florida Coastal (4 test-takers), Suffolk (10 test-takers), Syracuse (13 test-takers) and Thomas Cooley (8 test-takers). With 13 test-takers, Phoenix Law only passed 7.7%. And one of John Marshall-Chicago’s  test-takers passed.
The good news is, California’s bar exam is widely held as the hardest to pass.
Source: Above The Law