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Law School Implements AI Into Curriculum

UC Irvine’s School of Law is integrating an AI-enabled tax platform into its curriculum.

The law school announced a new partnership with Blue J Legal, a legal technology company, to integrate the Blue J Tax Foresight platform into its Graduate Tax Program.

The new partnership, according to the law school, will teach UCI Law students pursuing tax law the best methods for implementing artificial intelligence into their practice.

“Our partnership with Blue J shows UCI Law’s unwavering efforts to expose our students to the most advanced technology practices that further their education and understanding of tax law,” says Omri Marian, Academic Director of the Graduate Tax Program at the University of California, UCI Law, in a press release. “Innovation has always been the main pillar for UCI Law, and as pioneers in our field, we are aware of the benefits that artificial intelligence brings.”


Blue J’s Tax platform, according to its website, utilizes proprietary data and algorithms to uses to predict how a court would rule in a unique scenario with over 90% accuracy.

It does this by using AI to compare a theoretical scenario to all relevant previous cases.

At UCI Law, students in the tax program will be trained on Blue J’s Tax platform at orientation so they can utilize the technology across the entire curriculum.

Additionally, according to UCI Law, professors will also use the Blue J Tax platform to teach a variety of tax topics, including debt versus equity, deductibility of business expenses, and accuracy-related penalties.

“UCI Law has always valued the commitment towards innovation for their students, which is why this partnership is a perfect match for Blue J,” Blue J CEO and co-founder, Benjamin Alarie, says in the press release. “With UCI Law showcasing AI’s potential in a completely different way, they are preparing the next generation for even greater success in their future careers.”

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