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Want To Go in to Labor and Employment Law? Read This.

Labor and employment law is an essential facet of nearly every organization. From wage and hour law to discrimination in the workplace, employment lawyers are responsible for dealing with the laws and disputes around employer and worker rights, according to an article by Georgetown Law.

Ilana Kowarski, a reporter at US News, recently discussed how to effectively become a labor and employment lawyer.


While understanding and mastering the laws around employment is essential, experts also say that labor and employment lawyers should have a strong grasp of human psychology and social interactions.

“An understanding of human psychology and social interactions is essential for a job as a labor or employment lawyer, since disputes between corporate owners, managers and their underlings are often highly emotional and volatile,” Kowarski writes.


For those students interested in entering the field, experts recommend enrolling in course or pursuing internships that focus on this area of law.

“Schools with employment law clinics can give an extremely helpful introduction to handling employment matters, which will stand out on a resume both for the experience and the commitment to the area of law,” Joyce Smithey, the founding partner of Smithey Law Group in Maryland, tells US News.


The recent rise of social justice movements has also placed an increased focus on the importance of having more labor and employment lawyers, experts say.

“Employment law has really been a focus for a lot of employers in need of guidance through issues like sexual harassment and diversity and inclusion,” Mark Kluger, co-founder of the Kluger Healey law firm, tells US News. “That is, and has always been, at the heart of employment law.”

Sources: US News, Georgetown Law

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