Is the LSAT Unfair Towards Black Applicants?

This State Just Failed The Bar

Florida’s law grads tanked the February bar exam.
Florida Politics reports that only 57.3% of first-time takers passed the February 26-27 bar exam. Just a year before, only 57.9% of first-time takers passed the February 2018 exam.
The Results
The worst performing school in Florida? Of the 17 Ave Maria School of Law grads taking the exam, only 7 passed (giving the school a 41.2% passage rate).
Florida International University College of Law had the highest passage rate, with 80% of its first-time takers passing. FIU graduates surpassed the state’s average by 22.7%.
“Today’s result speaks to the quality of education and caliber of students at FIU Law,” FIU Dean Antony Page says in a press release. “They graduate as better learners, equipped with skills that will help them adapt to evolving professional demands as they advance through their careers.”
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Source: Florida Politics]
How The Rest of The Country Performed
Overall, February’s exam yielded strong results. According to the National Conference of Bar Examiners, the national average Bar Exam score increased by 1.2 points after February’s exam.
It’s also, according to, the first increase in mean February Bar Exam scores since 2013.
“This is good news,” said national conference president Judith Gundersen in an interview Tuesday. “It should translate into higher pass rates because the MBE is half the exam. We would expect that in jurisdictions that do have a better MBE score, their pass rates will go up. Now, not every jurisdiction had an increase in their MBE mean.”
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