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Yale Law To Create Hillary Clinton Fund

Yale Law students interested passionate about public interest work may soon have more options to gain experience in the field. And they’d get to put Hillary Clinton’s name on their resume as a bonus.
Yale Daily News reports that former classmates of Hillary Rodham Clinton, a 1973 Yale Law alum, are working with Yale Law to create a fund honoring Clinton. The news comes a year-and-a-half after the former secretary of state lost the presidential election to Donald Trump.
The Hillary Rodham Clinton Fund for the Public Interest
The Hillary Rodham Clinton Fund for the Public Interest is expected to give two recent Yale graduates doing “public interest work” year-long fellowships from the fund next fall, once the Law school officially announces the news, according to Rosalind Fink, a former classmate of Clinton.
According to Fink, the project’s goal is to raise money and create more legal clinics for students to gain hands-on experience in public interest areas, such as immigration.
“[The] idea was to connect her legacy to the Law School’s increasing model of public service due to clinics,” Fink tells Yale Daily News. “So we’re hoping that friends of the Law School and friends of the Clintons will contribute to the fund.”
While Clinton has agreed to donate to the fund, she’s decided to decline revealing how much was donated, Fink says. In addition to donating funds, Clinton has “offered to be helpful” by making calls to help solicit donations.
Clinton’s Relationship With Yale Law
In her new memoir, Clinton says she decided to attend Yale Law over Harvard Law after a Harvard law professor told her “We don’t need any more women at Harvard,” Business Insider reports.
Clinton has since apparently kept close ties with her alma mater as she will be the commencement speaker at this year’s class of 2018 graduation.
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