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University of Houston Law Center

University of Houston Law Center

You Won’t Believe What Happened At Houston Law This Week


An odd and slightly disturbing story came out of the University of Houston Law Center earlier this week. On Monday evening, several police cars rushed to Houston Law Center in response to reports that a woman was found bound and gagged in a bathroom near the Law Center’s library. According to reports from Above the Law, she told police several masked men had kidnapped her and placed her in the law school bathroom. Strangely, she had no recollection of how it actually took place or anything that happened in between the initial kidnapping and when she was found.

The incident caused Law Center Dean Leonard Baynes to email the entire Houston Law community. “There have been unsubstantiated reports of an abduction of a student at the Law Center today,” the statement began. “The University of Houston Police Department has now confirmed that no abduction or crime of violence took place. The student was experiencing a personal crisis. The matter has been closed.”

Of course, many students began to express their concern and rumors swept wildly through the community. But then in another twist to the already strange situation, apparently, it’s still in debate if the woman is actually a Houston Law 1L or not. Consequently, the Law Center held a “town hall meeting” in which a university police officer addressed the law school community.

According to Above the Law’s reporting, no campus cameras are able to substantiate exactly what happened. The reporting says the university police representative said she was a “student in crisis who taped herself up in the bathroom. She was thinking about committing suicide. She panicked during the situation and came up with this story.”

With final exams quickly rounding the corner, this presents an appropriate time to mention anyone struggling with depression or mental instabilities should seek help immediately. If a fellow student, friend, family member or colleague is unavailable to help, Law Lifeline is the 24-hour mental health resource for law students. The number is 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Source: Above the Law