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gavelLaw School Sued After Firing Tenured Professors


Charleston School of Law continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Two tenured professors have brought separate lawsuits against the school. Allyson Stuart and Nancy Zisk filed suits against the school saying their recent firings were retaliatory for a letter written in May that detailed damaging decisions from two school board members, George Kosko and Robert Carr.

According to reports from the South Carolina Lawyers Weekly, the termination emails were concluded with “Thank you!” Who fires someone via email? And then who concludes it with a nice salutation?

The letter written in May basically speaks out about how Charleston School of Law is being operated and everything InfiLaw does wrong. InfiLaw is the for-profit company that owns Charleston and a number of other law schools and is run by Kosko and Carr. The two will have a tough time defending the school since about half of the tenured professors and many untenured professors will be remaining on staff.

Also in the reports, Stuart and Zisk allege Charleston of paying InfiLaw $600,000 every year for “management services.” But, according to the report, no one really knows what these services are or do. What’s more, the reports allege Kosko, Carr, and Charleston’s three other founders of siphoning $25 million in profits from the school to InfiLaw.

Just in case you have forgotten some of the other things Kosko and Carr are famous for, they were the ones behind the decision to cut the catering service at this year’s commencement. Graduates and their families were forced to fend for themselves during the commencement. As if that wasn’t enough, one of them walked out of the graduation because “the invocation suggested greed was a bad thing,” according to reports from Above the Law.

The school has been experiencing some major financial issues (hence the lack of graduation catering) and many predict it to be the one school that actually does close up shop if any do.

Source: Above the Law


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