Best And Brightest Or Dumb And Dumber?

2344932369_105b601511_zFormer Law School Dean Busted On Prostitution Charge

No one’s perfect. Everyone has their fare share of demons. Unfortunately, if you are a public official (or say a former dean of a law school), when you get arrested for one of your demons, they are out for everyone to see. Don’t believe it? Just ask John Attanasio of Southern Methodist’s University Dedman School of Law in Dallas. Attanasio was arrested this past week for allegedly soliciting a prostitute.
He served as the school’s dean from 1998 to 2013 when his contract was not renewed. Attanasio still teaches at the school and serves as the Judge William Hawley Atwell Chair of Constitutional Law. He was booked into the Collin County Jail and released when he posted a $500 bond for the Class B misdemeanor.
SMU Provost, Paul Ludden sent an email to the school saying they would not comment on the arrest until more information is gathered and that Attanasio’s classes were canceled for the entire week. The arrest is still part of an ongoing investigation.
Sadly, Attanasio is not the only law faculty member or administrator to be booked for prostitution. In January of 2014, a former assistant dean for admissions and financial aid at the University of Illinois School of Law was arrested in a prostitution sting. In July lf 2009, Villanova Law School dean sent in his resignation after being arrested for assisting in a prostitution ring. In September of 2011, a professor from the University of Miami School of Law was arrested for his involvement with prostitution and it was his second offense surrounding prostitution.
Obviously, prostitution is not an uncommon offense. There are  many other professions that have leaders who engage in such law breaking activities. However, it is interesting many leaders in law schools have been arrested for this certain offense.
Source: Above The Law