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RankingBusiness Insider Ranks The 50 Best Law Schools In America

Law schools across the country, brace yourselves. There is yet another ranking judging how you compare against each other. And in a world where law school applicants are about as rare as raindrops in the Golden State, rankings do matter. Applicants will apply to the best schools they think they can get accepted to (and receive money from). Simply put, the top ranked schools will continue to attract the top applicants. Business Insider is the most recent publication to produce rankings.
According to Business Insider, Yale is the best law school in America, scoring a perfect 10 out of 10 on their Legal Insider rating. Harvard and Columbia followed in second and third. Stanford and Duke rounded out the top five. The University of California-Berkeley, Georgetown, Cornell, the University of Chicago, and New York University round out the top 10, respectively. Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Northwestern, were next in line, respectively to establish Tier 14 dominance yet again. All 14 of those schools were in Business Insider’s top 14.
The results may have been similar to the widely accepted and used U.S. News rankings, but the methodologies were not. The results were based on a survey sent to American legal professionals asking them to rank the top 10 schools in terms of preparing students “to land their ideal job.” The percentage of participants who put each school in the top 10 was the score given. Only 52% of the 371 participants actually affirmed having a law degree. This method made up 50% of the final Legal Insider ranking.
The remaining 50% came from employment rates reported by the American Bar Association (25%) and acceptance rates reported by U.S. News. Perhaps the biggest critique is the subjectivity inherent to asking professionals which schools they think prepares students best. Yes, there could be a general agreement, but often times performance will come down to the work ethic and drive of the actual individual. Obviously the higher the work ethic and drive, the more likely these students will end up at top tier schools. Regardless, weighting an opinion so heavily in a ranking will at the very minimum create questions surrounding methodologies.
Business Insider’s Top 50 Law Schools

50University of Arizona (Rogers)
49Washington and Lee University
48University of Utah (Quinney)
47Seton Hall University
46Temple University (Beasley)
45University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign
44University of Colorado-Boulder
43University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
42University of Wisconsin-Madison
41Ohio State University (Moritz)
40American University (Washington)
39University of Southern California (Gould)
38Southern Methodist University (Dedman)
37University of Houston
36Fordham University
35University of Georgia
34George Mason University
33City University of New York School of Law
32Florida State University
31University of Minnesota
30Rutgers University
29Arizona State University (O’Connor)
28Brigham Young University (Clark)
27University of Washington
26Washington University in St. Louis
25The University of Alabama
24George Washington University
23Boston University
22Baylor University
21University of California-Los Angeles
20Emory University
19University of Texas-Austin
18College of William & Mary (Marshall-Wythe)
17Boston College
16University of Notre Dame
15Vanderbilt University
14Northwestern University
13University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
12University of Pennsylvania
11University of Virginia
10New York University
9University of Chicago
8Cornell University
7Georgetown University
6University of California-Berkeley
5Duke University
4Stanford University
3Columbia University
2Harvard University
1Yale University

Source: Business Insider