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Law School Threatens To Report Student Lunch Thieves To State Bar

Above The Law once again provides humor to our news summary this week. A few weeks ago, a Michigan School of Law student sent a rather colorful and poetically worded email to the entire law school communicating his disdain towards the thief who stole his apple. Apparently stealing food from each other is a trend at law schools from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
A student from Boston University School of Law tipped Above The Law to another food-heist story this week. The food thievery at Boston University has grown so egregious that the school has threatened to notify authorities and “the relevant bar authorities” on students caught stealing.
Whoa. But what if the thief is a student from outside of the law school? The email states, “we will notify the Boston University Police and prosecute the theft to the fullest extent of the law.” Double whoa. If there is anyone who will absolutely not bluff about prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law, it is administration of a law school.
What happens if this is a law student and they are reported to the “relevant bar examiners?” Does it mean their careers as lawyers end before they begin? If they will steal a lunch, aren’t they bound to steal something else? Regardless, this type of fear-tactic is sure to put a stop to Hamburglars on not just Boston University’s campus—but hopefully campuses across the nation. Law students will no longer live in horror of afternoon hunger.
Source: Above The Law

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