Law Schools Where Grads Actually Get Jobs

by Jeff Schmitt on

Employment Rates At The Top 20 Law Schools 

2015 RankingSchoolEnrollment2014 Employed 9 Months After Graduation2015 Employed 9 Months After GraduationDifferencePrivate – Median Starting SalaryPublic – Median Starting Salary
8University of Virginia104896.0%97.3%1.3%$160,000$53,000
4Columbia University124895.4%97.0%1.6%$160,000$50,000
7University of Pennsylvania78691.2%97.0%5.8%$160,000$60,000
4University of Chicago61295.1%96.7%1.6%$160,000$57,000
2Stanford University57495.8%96.1%0.3%$160,000$62,459
6New York University141893.8%95.9%2.1%$160,000$51,650
2Harvard University174193.7%94.1%0.4%$160,000$58,000
1Yale University62591.2%91.4%0.2%$160,000$61,036
20George Washington University128788.0%91.0%3.0%$160,000$60,000
9University of California-Berkeley85482.6%88.1%5.5%$160,000$60,000
10Duke University62987.4%87.1%-0.3%$160,000$55,000
10University of Michigan105585.8%86.6%0.8%$160,000$57,408
12Northwestern University76384.7%85.8%1.1%$160,000$63,000
13Cornell University57676.1%85.8%9.7%$160,000$60,742
13Georgetown University169571.1%84.3%13.2%$160,000$58,000
15University of Texas-Austin104676.7%81.5%4.8%$160,000$50,000
19Emory University81176.0%78.6%2.6%$100,000$55,000
20University of Minnesota72166.3%75.2%8.9%$102,000$49,000
18Washington University (MO)68766.6%75.0%8.4%$110,500$55,067
16Vanderbilt University56676.3%74.5%-1.8%$130,000$57,000


Source: U.S. News & World Report 2015 ranking of the best law schools


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