The Best Schools For Intellectual Property

Rank and SchoolAnnual Tuition (Full-Time)LSAT (25th -75th Percentile)Acceptance RateMedian Private (PR) and Public (PU) Sector Starting SalariesPost-Graduation DebtEmploy-ment After 9 Months (2012 Grads)Over-all Rank
1. Stanford$52,530169-17310.3%$160,000 (PR)$62,459 (PU)$108,39196.1%2
2. U. of California-Berkeley$48,058 (In-State)$52,009 (Out-of-State)163-16917.8%$160,000 (PR)$60,000 (PU)$141,35888.1%9
3. George Washington U.$49,840159-16741.5%$160,000 (PR)$60,000 (PU)$123,69391.0%20
4. New York U.$54,678168-17231.4%$160,000 (PR)$51,630 (PU)$147,68595.9%6
4. Santa Clara U.$1500 (Per Credit)155-16056.9%$120,000 (PR)$74,500 (PU)NA56.4%107
6. Yeshiva U.$51,778156-16246.0%$75,000 (PR)$53,000 (PU)$118,67760.5%64
7. American U.$48,148153-15946.7%$80,000 (PR)$55,000 (PU)$158,63853.6%72
7. U. of Houston$29,748 (In-State) $39,792 (Out-of-State)157-16234.1%$127,500 (PR)$53,000 (PU)$89,53075.2%58
9. U. of New Hampshire$41,190153-15953.9%$97,250 (PR)$50,000 (PU)$125,81568.1%93
10. Boston U.$45,786161-16634.5%$160,000 (PR)$57,000 (PU)$110,30968.1%27
10. Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago Kent)44,410153-15954.7%$70,000 (PR)$51,600 (PU)$112,50065.2%72

Source: U.S. News and World Report Notes: Private (PR) and Public (PU) Sector salaries
What differentiates the top schools for intellectual property:

Stanford Law School

Stanford Law School

To provide students with practical experience, Stanford operates the Juelsgaard Intellectual Property and Innovation Clinic. Here, students represent clients in areas like information technology, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, helping shape public policy through filing briefs or comments in rule-making proceedings or authoring public whitepapers. Through a grant from Microsoft, Stanford has developed the Transatlantic Technology Law Forum, which works to reduce the policy inconsistencies between the United States and the European Union in areas like antitrust, intellectual property, and biotechnology law. In addition, Stanford offers courses in areas like commercial law, copyrights, international law, patent litigation, and internet law.