Above the Law’s New JD Ranking

SchoolATL IndexATL 2014 RankingU.S. News 2014 RankingATL 2013 RankingDifference with U.S. News RankingDifference Between 2014 and 2013 ATL Ranking
Washington University (MO)47.08261825-8-1
University of Illinois46.66274033136
University of Alabama46.43282327-5-1
George Washington University46.12292031-92
Boston University44.65302723-3-7
University of Indiana44.63312940-29
University of Florida44.53249441712
University of Minnesota44.08332032-13-1
University of Houston43.83345835241
Emory University43.14361929-17-7
Washington & Lee University42.6937433861
Ohio State University41.69383146-78
College of William & Mary41.53392434-15-5
Seton Hall University41.1640683628-4
University of Washington40.31412441-170
University of California-Davis39.75423645-63
Arizona State University39.32433150-127
Temple University394461NRNANA
Georgia State University38.8845644219-3
Wake Forest University38.77463130-15-16
Case Western Reserve38.334764NRNANA
Rutgers University-Camden38.1248814333-5
University of Miami37.26496149120
Tulane University37.24504639-4-11

Source: Above the Law and U.S. News and World Report
Alas, Above the Law’s methodology has its critics, who cringe at weights being skewed towards higher-paying big law jobs over lower-paying public service work.  But not every ranking can be all things to all people. If you want to be a Harvey Specter who measures a degree’s return in dollars and (hopefully) a partnership or appointment, this is the ranking for you.  And there’s nothing wrong with that. The market is more competitive than ever, with only 57% of 2013 grads landed long-term, full-time jobs within nine months of graduation. No one wants to be left standing when the music stops and everyone grabs their seat.
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