Which Law Schools Produce More Clerks?

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What Happened to the Supreme Court Clerks of 2004?

Source: Excess of Democracy

Law School Debt: An Infographic

Source: Above the Law

British Columbia Law Society Support Non-Binding Resolution Against Anti-Gay Law School

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NYU Official Discusses Law School

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Who Will Lead Change in Legal Education?

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U.C.-Irvine Continues to Confound the Critics

Source: Orange County Weekly

Wayne State Names New Law School Dean

Source: Detroit Free-Press

Connecticut Law Schools Adjust to Fewer Applicants

Source: Hartford Business Journal

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The Belgian ‏@Sarahelamri 
In law school, the smallest the book is, the hardest the exam is
Motion to Strike ‏@MotionToStrike 
Some legal issues that seem really complex and nuanced in law school turn out in real life to just be really baseless and cruel.
Melissa B. ‏@__melissssa 
I just want to enjoy my summer because as soon as August comes I will have no social life with law school.
Ellen DeGeneres ‏@TheEllenShow 
What do you call a snake that went to law school? A civil serpent.

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